Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NGO Schools in Bangalore

                Our country is racing with the competitive world to etch a name among the developed nations. Although the efforts taken are massive, there are some areas that need to be monitored on priority. Urban India has given positive outcomes with more school, hospitals, and major infrastructure, however, rural India needs a major revamp. The condition of rural India has not been overwhelming, the root cause being the lack of education and the awareness of the need for basic education. Most of the children are deprived of their education due to their financial status, which forces them to work to meet their ends.

NGO- A light in the dark

To change the state of underprivileged children and expose to the world of education, Svatantra have taken initiate to improvise the situation of rural India. Their ultimate goal is to change the face of rural India by giving awareness to the people about the importance of education. They run campaigns that help people realize the consequences of primary education. NGO schools in Bangalore have taken steps to promote education in rural areas. These NGO schools provide free education. Vidyadaan is one such school that was opened with the same intention of educating the children deprived of their “Right to Education “.

NGO schools in Bangalore- A Ray of Hope

NGO schools In Bangalore(svatantra), attempt to develop the future of rural children. They  get into the lives of the people to give a feel of oneness and gradually lift them from the state of poverty. NGO schools aim at giving an education that is based on their everyday lives situation so that they could relate better. Svatantra  understand that using such learning methods will give them more fun and participate actively in traditional classroom training. These life lessons give them more fun to learn as they can apply the same in their lives.

NGO schools in Bangalore- A complete home

NGO schools not only provide free education, they also give healthy food, clothes and other basic necessities to the children so that their families do not feel burdened by their education. Apart from education, NGO schools also encourage children to enjoy sport and games. They provide the necessary environment to exhibit their talent in the field of sports.

NGO schools have aimed to make changes in many such areas that need immediate attention; however, it requires support from a large number to accomplish the task.  You can extend your support for this noble and help in developing rural India.

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