Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sponsor a Child in India

 The genesis of education

                            As human being evolved in this world, he survived by self-learning. He explored on little details that are necessary to get on with his
day-to-day activities. He mastered slowly by adventuring on many things that he came across. As the years passed by, the necessity of communication became more important to simplify his task.
This led to the creation of symbols and pictures to identify the need. These symbols were converted to a script which in turn gave birth to speech. We confer from human evolution that it is important to get educated to think, decide, reflect and live. Then, why is the underprivileged child in India deprived of this basic necessity?

Ignorance of Education

A Large population of rural India is ignorant about the concept of education. They are more concerned about their daily needs than to reflect on the importance of education. Their poverty forces them to send their children to earn their daily wages to satiate their hunger. It is highly essential to make them realize the importance and need to satiate the hunger of education. One can
sponsor a child in India and help the deprived to experience the joy of learning. 

Svatantra- An Eye opener

Svantantra, an NGO has taken the first step to start the awareness among the ignorant people about the importance of education. They provide free education for the children along with food, clothes, and other basic necessities. They aim at doing this at a larger volume; however, they need our support to fulfill their noble intention. You can Sponsor a child education and help in this noble cause. Svantantra also promotes girls education which is primarily important for the growth of the family as well as the country.

Sponsor a child in India

The concept of sponsor a child does not mean charity alone. When one plans to sponsor a child in India, it means to change the society by a hundredfold. A child is privileged to learn and enjoy the childhood and this will, in turn, create a more healthy society and a better nation. The outcome of your idea to sponsor a child is massive and hence do extend your support to sponsor a child in India for the betterment of the society.

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