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Child education in Bangalore

Child education in Bangalore

The need of child education in Bangalore:

               As the potter feels satisfied looking at his artistic piece of work, which turned a ball of clay into a fine pot; molding oneself is also important to make one live in a society that is both competitive and challenging. Every child needs to learn the art of living that can be imbibed only through the channel of education; however there are many who are deprived of basic education. Most of them fail to experience the joy of learning due to their financial conditions. The hands that have to carry a bag of books are forced to work to meet their daily needs. Therefore it is highly important to educate parents in making them realize the importance of child’s education for the future.

How do we create awareness of child education in Bangalore?

Svatantra, an NGO in Bangalore, has come up with an initiative in giving awareness to the parents of underprivileged children about the importance of child’s education in building their lives for a brighter prospective.  They run campaigns to enlighten the importance of child education in Bangalore. They emphasize that every child has the right to acquire knowledge through education.

 How the education is made feasible for the underprivileged children?

Svatantra has set up schools in the near vicinity of such children who are deprived of education. Vidyadaan is one such school that was started to provide free child education in Bangalore. The child is exposed to science, math and social concepts along with ethical and moral values that would help survive the contemporary world. This free child education in Bangalore has marked a niche in promising the world in producing a New India with dynamic and successful young lot.

There are many cities in our country that needs awareness of child education. Let us join hands in supporting the noble thought of throwing light in the lives of those living in darkness.

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