Thursday, 26 May 2016

When you sponsor education, you nurture the future!

Do you think that providing good education to a kid is the responsibility of the Government? If yes, then it is the time to get out of that misconception. Education is amongst the basic rights given to every citizen by our Constitution and the state and the central governments try their level best for it. In our country, the actual problem is uneven distribution and not scarcity of resources. Hence, every Indian who has the financial capability to Sponsor aChild in India must do it. Genuine and sincere efforts by organizations like Svantantra are small steps towards a big success.  When you Sponsor a Child in Bangalore, it is not just a financial support to offer education, but you build the future of the child.

It is help without hurting the self-respect
Svantantra is the only organization that Sponsor a Child in India without hurting the self-esteem of a child. It doesn’t create inferiority complex or a feeling of being dependent on someone. They inculcate self-respect and self-confidence amongst the kids. They are told that the people who come forward to help them are not doing it with a feeling of mercy, but it is a kind of social responsibility of everyone. When each Indian would be educated, it will be a different India. It will be a country free from inequality and injustice.

Specialized efforts for specialized situations
When people Sponsor a Child in Bangalore along with Svantantra, they know that it is an organization with a difference. There are regular schools, special schools, and night schools for kids with varying needs. Each child is sent to the appropriate educational institute.  Thus, there are enough opportunities for the kids to show their capabilities and perform well.

Spreading the light of education is one of the key things to bring a social reform in India.  One day it is going to happen for sure!

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