Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sponsor a child in India with Vidyadaan

In the long run, education is obviously more valuable when compared to money. As a developing country, India faces so many great challenges like illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, caste system, population, poor education, bonded labor, health issues and financial exclusion. The resources are extremely scarce and this means that there is a need to focus and resolve the issues in depth instead of simply attempting to have a generalized solution. You can sponsora child in India or sponsor a child in Bangalore in order to not only help Vidyadaan but also help India. This is what it means to sponsor a child in India

Sponsor A child

A focus on education
It is important to focus on one aspect in order to have a greater impact. Thus Vidyadaan has focused on education because it is a fundamental right and it is something that can touch the lives of a million Indians at the least. Better education can directly correlate to better healthcare for children by their parents. Mothers will be more informed as they will know how to cope with the childhood illnesses in a better manner. It also means that educated parents can administer the medicines in an efficient manner as it can enable them to read all the instructions on a medicine bottle. You should also sponsor a child in Bangalore to create a major impact and a one that can last for a longer period of time. Vidyadaan can help you to sponsor a child in India because of its major outreach and experience in the field if not related fields. Sponsor a child in Bangalore to experience what it really means to educate someone who deserves it but is not able to gain access it. Sponsor a child in India to create a major impact on literacy rate as well as India as a developing country. 

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