Tuesday, 10 May 2016

More people fulfill their social responsibility by contributing to free education

It is said that if you feed a person for one day, then you satisfy his needs for just that day. However, if you educate him and make self-sufficient, then you satisfy his needs for the whole life. Yes, education makes the fundamental change in a person’s life. In a country like India where 100% literacy rate is still a far-flung dream, efforts are being made to bring it into reality. Sponsor a Child in India ,Free education in Bangalore is an example of innumerable measures being taken by the state and the central government to increase literacy in India. Charitable organizations like Svatantra also add their humble contribution to the gigantic task.

Why free education?
In spite of tremendous economical development, India still struggles with the fundamental issues like poverty. Due to the scarcity of resources and poor economic condition, many kids have to leave education in between and help the family by earning minuscule money. Free schools give them a chance to continue studies further. Other than government schools that already offer it free of cost, many private organizations and NGO are contributing their share. 

Svatantra is amongst well-known charitable organizations that help children education in Bangalore. It gets an accolade for the incredible work done so far. 

How can you contribute?
A large number of free schools are located in the urban, rural and extremely interior parts of the Karnataka State. In big cities, people work in the slum areas or red light areas where poverty, lack of awareness and illegal businesses spoil the childhood of kids.  Charitable trusts help in opening free schools in such areas where kids come and get educated in spite of all odds. Studies indicate that the small efforts made by these organizations have made a big difference in Child education in Bangalore. With the small contributions made by people who want to pay back to the society, these schools become the torchbearers of wisdom and knowledge. 

It is very easy to contribute to this gracious cause. You can send the contribution to a reputed and genuine organization such as Svatantra. It is guaranteed that each penny goes in the welfare and education of deprived kids. 

Since the schools operate in a cultural and geographical setup where the challenges are uncountable, it is not possible to achieve a significant success without the active participation of like-minded people. Fortunately, several people understand their responsibility today and help such organizations generously and wholeheartedly. 

A country can prosper only when each of the kid gets the necessities, including education. Though we have a long way to reach the destination, each milestone gives assurance that we are on the right track. With more people extending their help towards free education, attaining the milestone of total literacy is not impossible.

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