Sunday, 24 January 2016

How are NGOs bringing a change in the education?

India has made a significant improvement in the education and literacy levels recently. The enrollment rates in the school have gone up and initiatives like the Mid Day Meal attracted students of the rural areas. Reports say that NGO Schools in Bangalore and surrounding areas are doing a remarkable work of encouraging parents to send their wards to school. They run special drives to make the parents aware of the benefits of education.

How do NGOs like Vidyadaan School operate?

They follow the single-point agenda of contacting the parents relentlessly and explaining the benefits of education. They assure that the kids will get immensely benefited by it in the long-term. Poverty is a significant issue in rural parts where people are largely dependent on agricultural work. Since the work is not available round the year, they are forced to rely on intermittent jobs. NGO Schools in Bangalore makes the tactical use of the free food offered to the students.

The NGOs keep a constant communication with the parents and update them on the progress of their wards. They underline the importance of literacy and tell about various schemes to encourage self-employment and small-scale units. These benefits are provided to literate youth and therefore, it is important to send the children to schools. The effectiveness of the strategy is evident from the increase in the number of students attending schools regularly.

It has been a mixed success story so far

Attendance in the schools like Vidyadaan School proves that it has been a success story so far. Primary school enrollment across the county also shows a remarkable increase in the attendants.  It is not an “All is well” scenario, though. Dropout and non-attendance are two big challenges. It is quite tough to keep the morale high. Students lose the interest all of a sudden and drop out from the schools. Sometimes, parents take them for work during harvesting season, and it breaks the momentum.  NGOs are working on these issues.

In spite of roadblocks, NGO Schools in Bangalore have done an extraordinary work, and they are determined to bring a complete revamp of the situation.

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